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So Solid Apps offers a unique approach to app, game, and website development through their subscription service.

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About Mango Innovation

Let me introduce you to Mango Innovation’s new subscription service for unlimited web design and development. With this service, you get a highly experienced Senior Web developer at a fixed and predictable monthly price. The service offers top-notch quality with the added flexibility to scale up or down per your requirements. Additionally, you have the freedom to pause or cancel the service at any time. Here’s a comprehensive review of their offerings, process, project types, pricing tiers, membership benefits and FAQs:

Services Offered

Mango Innovation specializes in web design and development. Their services cater to both small businesses and established enterprises, offering flexible and scalable solutions.

3-Step Process

  1. Select a Subscription Plan: Clients begin by choosing a web design and development subscription plan that fits their needs.
  2. Project Initiation: Once the client’s needs are understood, the web designer begins work, accommodating unlimited revisions until the project meets the client’s satisfaction.
  3. Custom Web Development Solutions: Experienced web developers create custom web solutions that meet the client’s specific requirements.
  4. Final Delivery: The company ensures the final website is high-quality, scalable, and easy to maintain, aiming to help businesses grow and stay competitive.

Types of Projects

Mango Innovation has worked on a variety of projects, including:

  • Branding (9 projects)
  • Web Development (15 projects)
  • E-commerce (4 projects)
  • Mockups (3 projects)
  • Print (1 project)
  • Strategy (14 projects)

Specific project examples include “Aerial Fifty Two,” “Real Estate Tax Tips,” “LX Ice,” “UniReps,” “NanoFusion Technology,” “eSafe Cleaning,” “Bio Life Sciences,” “Daily Shield,” and “Conduit HR.”

Pricing Tiers

Mango Innovation offers several subscription plans:

  1. Starter Plan:
    • Monthly: $2,995
    • Quarterly: $8,085 (Save 10%)
    • Annually: $30,540 (Save 15%)
    • Features: One request at a time, unlimited requests per month, pre-designed WordPress template, mobile responsive site, etc.
  2. Premium Plan:
    • Monthly: $3,995
    • Quarterly: $10,785 (Save 10%)
    • Annually: $40,740 (Save 15%)
    • Features: Custom website design and mockups, customized WordPress theme, custom code work, etc.
  3. Premium Pro Plan:
    • Monthly: $5,995
    • Quarterly: $16,185 (Save 10%)
    • Annually: $61,140 (Save 15%)
    • Features: Two requests at a time, website design and mockups, customized WordPress theme, etc.
  4. Custom Plan or Fixed Project Pricing: Tailored solutions for unique business needs.

Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include unlimited user access, unlimited brand support, access to unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock, and comprehensive maintenance and support.


  • Hiring vs. Subscription: They highlight the cost-effectiveness of their subscription model compared to hiring a full-time developer.
  • Unlimited Requests: Clients can submit unlimited requests, which are delivered sequentially.
  • Pause Feature: Subscriptions can be paused as needed, offering flexibility.
  • Task Requests: Clients can request tasks through the ManyRequests dashboard.
  • Design Satisfaction: Changes are made until the client is satisfied.
  • Refunds: High-quality service is promised without offering refunds.

Mango Innovation’s approach, coupled with their varied project experience and flexible pricing plans, positions them as a versatile and customer-focused web development service provider.

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